MOTHERhood Life

When I married my high school sweetheart I never thought we would have FOUR children, but life happens and now when I look back I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Larry (that’s my sweetheart) is the most wonderful man, he really is!! He is the perfect father and husband and I couldn’t do this motherhood thing without him!

There are days when 9:00 pm hits and we just fall into the couch and collapse from all the chaos that involves our family of SIX. Then there are those days where the baby commercials come on television and my uterus starts longing to grow another baby….gosh that newborn stage is really my favorite stage. (but then I come to reality and know that four children completes our family-I mean now we all have a partner for riding roller coasters). 😂

So with all that said, I just had to laugh when I saw this graphic tee from Threadtank Apparel. (I won this tee from an Instagram contest from a fellow blogger). The tee is just too cute. Its soft, comfy, and the fit is just right. I love that I can layer it seen here in my pics for the colder months with a plaid top underneath.  As I’m typing this right now I’m wearing it with leggings and a boyfriend flannel over top unbuttoned. In the summer it will look perfect with distressed denim or with a cute skirt!


Check out Threadtanks site, they have lots of cute tees, tanks, and long sleeve tops with graphics that suit your life and will make you laugh too! (there is a tank on their site that I need too, see below)


So in conclusion, there are days I look around my home and thank the Lord that no one came over to visit because the house looks as if a mini tornado (aka our 2 year old) has swept through. I am waiting for the president to declare a state of emergency! I then realize that these stages will be over before I know it. (I’m almost crying right now as I write this)….children grow up, messes will be gone, the house will be quiet, no more dinner chaos or school projects, etc. So as I hold back my tears, I’m going to enjoy these crazy and very memorable MOTHERhood years as best I can.  Thank you all for following along on my journey. (some of you may count below and see only 3 kiddos…well my 4th, the 2 year old, was napping during these pics…and if any of you have a 2 year old, you know darn well you do not wake them up from naptime, that is a very sacred and much appreciated time)!!


(Also I should add a little disclaimer: to the next family that buys our home in 20 years when our kids are grown and moved out, please know that a wonderful family lived here before you with LOTS of great memories—oh and LOTS of glitter and goldfish cracker crumbs too— those are stuck inside of our wideplank pine floors–good luck with that)!!!!😂😂

Love, Nicole ❤


10 thoughts on “MOTHERhood Life

  1. I just love this top! Motherhood life is so special that wearing it is worth the bragging rights. Lol. Very cute how you put it together with the flannel underneath for layering. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your win!

    P.S. Lovely family too. Xoxo

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  2. Such a fun post! I have an 18 month old and today I had to remind myself this stage does not last forever. My house is a mess, she pooped in the bath, and wouldn’t nap. Motherhood sometimes is hard but it is also great during the hard days too. This top is great. Perfect for the fun and hard mommy days!

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    1. I love your tshirt! I really admire you! I have two children and life is crazy enough . Your children are beautiful, you’ve done a great job 🙂


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