Ponchos: your cardigans 1st cousin!

Winter style for me consists of cardigans, sweater jackets, and ponchos. Today I wanted to talk about ponchos though, which are basically your cardigans 1st cousin, lol! The two ponchos I’m blogging about here are both by Michael Michael Kors, his more affordable clothing line. (I shop for this line at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and the Michael Kors website.

I enjoy when the clothing item has unique characteristics. The gray poncho caught my eye because of its faux leather pockets, cozy turtleneck, longer length, and heavyweight knit to keep me warm. This poncho also came in a gorgeous cream color with dark brown pockets.ย The poncho can be easily styled with denim and a flannel as seen below on me, but can be dressed up by wearing it over a skirt, dress or even with black leggings and OTK boots.


The other poncho is equally as gorgeous with its faux fur detachable collar and buckles with gold-tone detail. I wore this over a basic turtleneck and then paired a flannel with it as well for another cute look. I kept the look simple with mid rise denim from Old Navy with distressed hems and black booties.


I enjoy Michael Kors’ clothing line as he pays special attention to detail. Most of his clothes have some sort of unique characteristic that make the item chic and stylish.

Thanks for reading, and as always, I love your feedback and would love your support by following my blog and following me on IG!

Love, Nicole


12 thoughts on “Ponchos: your cardigans 1st cousin!

  1. Love how you put your outfit together especially with a poncho and I have one black poncho that I’ve had for over 10 years! I will have to try it out and coordinate with my wardrobe! Thanks for sharingโค๏ธ Xo

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