Tonight I thought I would blog about a topic close to my heart. A topic that many people deal with but not so many really want to talk about. Bullying. I was bullied as a child, or made fun of as we called it back then 25 years ago. I was overweight and unfortunately to this day I can remember the kids that poked fun of me. I remember not crying in school so I looked brave and holding it in until I got home and then sobbing uncontrollingly. I never even told my parents how hurt I was. I just kept the feelings inside and buried those feelings as far down as I could and did my best in school to be brave. Today, only my husband knows how hurt I was and how it affected my psyche.

Fast forward to present day: Β I have three girls, and unfortunately they have heard me talk about myself some days in unflattering ways. I like to think that I’m doing better, not saying those negative thoughts I see in the mirror and want to say. We as a family are doing our best to be supportive and loving and caring so that we raise our girls who turn into women who are happy with themselves inside and outside.

Some days I feel like I fail as a mother, some days are really great. I cherish those great days. I like to think this Instagram page and blog I started help me feel better about myself too. I enjoy posting my outfits, talking about style and trends. I will unfortunately always remember those hurtful words that people said to me years ago, but I am doing my best to keep my head held high and be a better person for my daughters.

I appreciate all the kind words and comments on my pictures. To all my followers, thank you! To those that take the time to read this blog, thank you! I decided to purchase this shirt from Zara seen below, something I would have never worn 25 years ago, but feel compelled to wear today! I am not “flawless”, but my kids think I am, and I want them to know they are perfect to me in every way ❀ Love, Nicole

(oh, and just because I love fashion so much….isn’t this shirt so cute? I mean, it has sequin patches sewn on and a high-low hem too)!!



2 thoughts on “Flawless.

  1. Hi Nicole! I am so sorry you were bullied as a child. I have been there too! I remember in kindergarten kids could come up to me and pinch and twist my skin asking if I wore pantyhose because my skin color was darker than theirs. Ouch! Anyway, you are right — do not let those negative memories define you! You are a beautiful woman! Strong, smart and resilient – your daughters see that in you! I have days where I feel on top of the world in parenting (more like moments) and then days where I am down on my knees praying for strength to be a better mother! We have all been there! Keep up the amazing work! I am there with you with starting this fashion blog so that I can stretch myself emotionally and spirituality. I am so glad we are taking this journey together!
    xo Debbie | http://www.tothineownstylebetrue.com

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  2. Thank you Debbie for the sweet and thoughtful reply ❀ I am doing the best I can to make my children happy and love themselves!


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