Body Confidence!

Ever since I was in grade school I have had body confidence issues. The name calling at a young age has affected my mentality still to this date. I look in the mirror and have a hard time feeling pretty. I always seem to find issues with my body. With that said, I have 3 daughters, all of whom pick up on everything they see and hear from me, so I need to be careful and work on myself for them too!

I have married a wonderful man who tells me I am beautiful EVERY single day, really, he does! (I am a very lucky woman). What’s in the past is in the past my hubby tells me, I need to focus on the now! I work out and stay active for the most part –I have kids afterall– and I am doing better with positive thinking rather than always being negative when looking at my body.

I absolutely love fashion too , it is my passion really!! I enjoy staying up to date on the trends. At the moment I am loving peek-a-boo dresses and tops that show just a bit of skin tastefully. Β Also, and most importantly I need to feel comfortable in what I am wearing or it won’t work out! These outfit pics that follow show just a peek of skin and make me feel pretty while staying on trend which I do enjoy!

I’d love to hear your feedback, leave a comment, let’s chat!! I hope you will follow my blog and IG so we can grow this wonderful and supportive community together ❀.




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